So, I’ve been kinda secluded this week–staying family as I feeling also fat to date! But I did see the light of day yesterday when I went uptown to chaffer my reduce and run a few errands. Late I swung by the Higher up Due west English arm of my gym. Patch thither on the crown simulator I checked out some CNN segment; a bunch of talking skulls were discussing Obama’s foreign approach One of the commentators was a new pretty lady reporter with an awesome drumhead of hair–and the better amytal apprehend finish I’ve ever seen. Thither she was on CNN, beingness a add bad-ass–talking almost geopolitics, achieving man peacefulness drubbing terrorism–all patch wearying amytal apprehend finish Are some human beings fair too cool, or what?

Abaft I was through diaphoresis I headed above to Hale Foods in Columbus Circuit to discover a few items broccoli, spinach, blueberries, those magnificent niggling mandarin tangerines, that 365-brand child butter (which is the most delightful form in the world), yoghourt constituent drain As I fabricated my way towards the line, I saw that it was one of those alarming snaking items resonant of the line that mustiness manakin whenever the next beat of English God try-outs is proclaimed new dating site app

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I figured it was a good affair that I have 600 also leaves to enter the book I’m reading, Middlemarch, because I’d probably conclusion the fresh and be able to make it through the latest issue of the Oxford English Lexicon with age to spare early I got to the cashier. I was fair propulsion my book out of my bag when I accomplished I’d forgotten coffee berry beans.

I glanced above my side to see if the customer ass me seemed care a nice somebody the kind who might be sweet almost it if I asked if I ran off to get one cobblestone particular or if he was also of a Hannibal Lecter case who might try to eat me for dinner if I well-tried anything odd . . . As it off outside a young pretty womanhood was standing ass me. Look her, I thought: Wait a sec I know her. Which group did I copeck her at? . .

Wait . . . It wasn’t a group She’s the CNN bad-ass!

I opened my mouth to say something, so off backbone roughly thought She doesn’t want to talk to you, cockamamie in your spandex and hoodie and trucker’s hat! She was fair on TV! And you’re just any schlub forthcoming from the gym! But I reminded myself that office of the reason I’m doing this diary is so I can coquet also and connect also And sure, largely I wish to join with ace dandies But as Neil ” The Game” Strauss told me, the more I get victimised to propulsion myself out of my comfort area in all sorts of situations, the better I’ll become at flirting.

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As it off outside . . . she seemed frantic that I’d recognized her! And even though she was with her photographer-boyfriend, she told me all almost the TV experience; she seemed full-of-the-moon of exhilaration and adrenalin (as I’m sure I would be). The time flew as we talked almost our existences as authors Early expression good-bye–before I walked away to check-out counterpunch #21–we’d exchanged netmail courtships

Eve bettor than rising from Hale Foods with my favorite child butter was walking out of thither having fabricated a new friend. So . . . I’m glad I took the risk and said hi rather of fair burying my nose in my hold


PS: A quick amend on my

burden outflows


I saw my doctor Mon dark who agreed that I had gained enougt burden to warrant care (Arrrgghh! I wasn’t just beingness psychoneurotic I am fat ) She switched my anti-depressant medication* so I’m hopeful–I’m praying–that I’ll shave off the poundage I’ve put on. I’ve also been irritating to make any exercise-related substitutions to up my metamorphosis I wonder if anyone would be absorbed in a post on how to boost your metabolism? ** (To aid you reduce and get fix to date-mark ) . . . Anyways I’m a niggling outside of it this workweek as I’m on a lower dot of meds as I wean off one and go to another, so I’m not unerect anew Pardon me if I’m less consistent than general

*She’s taking me off Ssr swing me on a drop dot of Lexapro and adding in some Wellbutrin, in case you want to know. I also happened to chatter with a nice strong-arm simulator yesterday who told me she has seen infinite patients who birth uncorrectable burden advance when they issue anti-depressants that diminish in to the SSRI category–and that she herself had also gained an excruciating come of weight when SHE started winning an SSRI! I love her, as she looked at me–in my gym gear, which doesn’t hide much–and aforementioned ” But YOU don’t need to lose any weight. Rattling I can see you flavor black as your dresses don’t fit compensate whatever more–that would botheration me also But you’re really hunky-dory ”

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